The Three Biggest Threats to Your Muscle Tension and How to Overcome Them

The Three Biggest Threats to Your Muscle Tension and How to Overcome Them

    The Three Biggest Threats to Your
    Muscle Tension and How to
    Overcome Them

    Legendary strength coach Dan John once told me that the two most difficult
    things to do in fitness were to build muscle and lose weight. Hearing him say
    that really struck a chord with me as I thought, “If one of the best coaches in
    the world thinks it tough then it must really be hard!”
    Most everyone is struggling to lose weight and build muscle, which is why
    helping people achieve those goals is such big business. You don't find too
    many products on how to successfully tie your shoes because people don't
    have much trouble making that happen. Key lesson; the bigger the industry is
    around a particular self-help topic, the more people are struggling to
    accomplish those goals.
    It's a sobering thought, to think that the muscle and strength building industry
    is so large because most people are struggling to achieve the results they
    want. The very fact that the weight loss and muscle building industry is so
    significant is a testament to the fact that we have yet to produce a very
    effective and practical solution to these challenges. If we did, we wouldn't be
    buying all the books, courses, supplements, and other products promising us
    we can finally achieve results.
    I know, what a motivating way to start a chapter, right? Usually, books like
    this are full of pump-up motivational sayings about how you can finally
    achieve your goals. Personally, I'm getting kind of sick of having false
    positivity shoved in my face. It doesn't do you any good to put rose-colored
    glasses on a tough situation. All of that stuff can dull your edge and make
    you relax at a time when you should be tightening the strap on your helmet
    and preparing for the battle that is to come. Make no mistake about it;
    building a bigger and stronger body is one of the most challenging missions
    you can accomplish in fitness.
    The good news is that while success may not be easy, it is certainly possible.
    The world is full of strong and impressive people who have paid their dues
    and serve as inspiration to what is possible. Yes, there's genetics and
    potentially underground methods to consider, but that's not the whole story.
    Most of the time, an impressive physique is owned by someone who's found
    a way to minimize the following muscle building threats, so he stands the
    best chance on your overall results.

    Threat #1 Inconsistent training

    As I mentioned earlier, building your body is like building a sand pile on the
    beach. While you do need a broader base to build yourself up, there's another
    lesson this analogy teaches us. You build that sand pile by continuously
    scooping sand into the same area. Whether you're using your hands, a shovel
    or a bucket no single deposit of sand is going to amount to very much.
    Your workouts are the same way. Every workout is always a relatively small
    influence on you overall result. Even if you exercise super long and hard
    every day, each effort is just a drop in the bucket in the long run.
    Just like that sand pile on the beach, your body is under the constant erosive
    forces of catabolism. If you leave that sand pile on the beach, it will erode
    down due to wind, rain, surf, and activity. Your body is the same way as
    you'll wear and break down over time.
    Natural physical erosion is why effective training is first and foremost about
    long-term consistency. Along with safety, consistently adhering to a workout
    routine should be your number one priority. Without a stable and consistent
    approach to training your ability to build muscle stands as much of a chance
    as a sand castle during a monsoon.

    How GSC helps you avoid this threat

    The practical nature of bodyweight training is one of your most substantial
    assets in effective training. The low-maintenance approach to calisthenics
    means you don't have to go to a gym, pay monthly membership fees, or spend
    much time going through your workout. All of this convenience makes it a
    lot easier to maintain a consistent training routine for months, and even years
    at a time with minimal effort.

    Threat #2 Lack of training proficiency

    Far too many people are trying to work their way to the body of their dreams.
    Every day, they head into their workout with nothing more than the resolve to
    work as hard as they can (or are willing to) and cross their fingers in hopes
    that it will be enough.
    Hard work is an essential part of successful training, but it's certainly not
    enough on its own. You cannot get very far on just hard work alone because
    it's impossible to scale. Your time, energy, and focus are very limited
    resources, and it's easy to run out of them. When your goal is only to work
    harder, you're constantly bumping up against those limitations which can
    cause endless plateaus.

    How GSC helps you avoid this threat

    The best way to break free of the work-harder trap is to improve your training
    proficiency. When you improve how well you do basic exercises, every rep
    becomes more productive even if you're still putting in the same amount of
    GSC is first and foremost, a system that's designed to teach you how to
    improve your training proficiency. Doing 20 push-ups can be hard work, but
    doing 20 better push-ups will be more effective even though the amount of
    effort you're spending will be about the same.

    Threat #3 Workout discomfort

    Effective training isn't always a walk in the park. Your muscles will burn,
    your heart will race, and you'll have to dig deep within yourself to push
    beyond your limits. Building muscle and strength is certainly not for the faint
    of heart.
    With that said, several types of discomfort can stand in the way of being able
    to push yourself to the levels of exertion required for success. The most
    common type of discomfort is neurological stress that comes from putting
    yourself in precarious situations. This can include feeling stress in your
    joints, pressure on your body, or generally feeling unsafe about what you're
    trying to do.
    All of this physical and mental unease can short circuit your mind's desire to
    push your muscles to the levels required to make them bigger and stronger. If
    doing an exercise makes you feel shaky and unsafe, you'll end the set before
    you've pushed yourself hard enough to stimulate further progress.

    How GSC helps you avoid this threat

    Every exercise in the GSC system is designed to help you feel comfortable
    and safe even during moments of great duress. This approach removes a lot
    of the mental hesitation you may experience so you’ll be free and clear to
    push your muscles much harder.
    Overall, an effective program will be something that's relatively low
    maintenance while teaching you how to work smarter, and makes you feel
    comfortable enough to push yourself beyond your limits. Combining these
    three attributes produces a powerful formula for success and it’s why GSC
    can be such a potent muscle building program.

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