Let’s explore the different levels of the Muscle Tension Hierarchy

Let’s explore the different levels of the Muscle Tension Hierarchy

    The third variable is the amount of time your muscles are holding the tension

    Let’s explore the different levels of the Muscle Tension Hierarchy

    Level 1 Tension control

    I’ve already written about this at length, so I won’t go over everything again.
    It’s just worth re-mentioning that all progress is built upon your skillful
    proficiency to produce and control the muscle tension throughout your body
    at will.

    Level 2 Stability

    The next level is to use your tension control to create stability throughout
    your body. GSC uses basic calisthenics exercises that require full body
    control at all times. There are no benches, pads, and some exercises don't
    even use the floor. The lack of support means you'll need to create a safe and
    stable environment through the tension in your muscles.

    Level 3 Strength

    The second to last level is strength, which concerns how much tension you
    can place in your muscle. Keep in mind that this is not as simple as just how
    much weight you can lift. Several factors, including technique and
    environment, also influence the amount of tension in your muscles.

    Level 4 Hypertrophy

    At the very top of the hierarchy, you have the final layer of building muscle
    or hypertrophy. This is largely due to the total work capacity of the muscle,
    or its ability to hold a certain amount of tension for a period of time. Keep in
    mind that muscles can increase in size, but that's about all. They cannot
    change their shape, length, or any other terms used to describe an aesthetic
    change. They get bigger or smaller, and that's it.

    Now that you've reached the top of the Muscle Tension Hierarchy, you can
    walk back down and see how each layer builds upon the foundation of the
    one below it. The size and work capacity of your muscles is built on your
    foundation of strength. Your foundation of strength is built upon your
    stability and your stability is built upon your foundation of tension control.
    This explanation is the basic understanding of the muscle tension hierarchy
    and the foundation behind the GSC method. Everything you'll be learning
    from here on out is to help you build up each of the foundational layers in
    this hierarchy to make it easier for you to build muscle and strength.
    Moreover, to further understand how to do that, let's take a look at some of
    the biggest obstacles standing in your way of accomplishing those goals.

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