The Basic Principles of Yoga

The Basic Principles of Yoga
    Yoga is not only a matter of performing several forms and postures that have effects on the body, mind and soul. In fact, it involves several basic principles and beginners should get acquainted with these basic principles in order to know what yoga is really all about.
    1. Yoga involves the right time and place. The right time for practicing yoga is important as this will help in relaxing your mind and body. This also refers to the duration or how long you are going to practice yoga. This principle also means that yoga requires being practiced or performed at the right place or a place that could contribute a lot to giving your mind and body the relaxation it needs for yoga to be successful.
    2. Yoga involves the right relaxation. Another principle of yoga is to have proper relaxation since total and complete relaxation cannot be achieved if it is not performed properly. Yoga involves the right relaxation. Another principle of yoga is to have proper relaxation since total and complete relaxation cannot be achieved if it is not performed properly. 
    3. Yoga involves the right breathing. Yoga is not only a matter of postures and forms but also has something to do with breathing. In fact, breathing is very essential in yoga as relaxation can also be achieved when oxygen is fairly and well distributed to the body through proper breathing. This principle also means that yoga requires learning the right time to inhale and the right time to exhale. Breathing is the most basic step to start relaxation so it is a basic step to practice yoga.
    4. Yoga involves the right exercises. Yoga is also a form of exercise and when you say exercise, it usually means the involvement of physical moves and poses. The best thing about yoga exercises is that they can be aimed for various purposes. There are yoga exercises for weight loss, for pain reduction, and a lot of other purposes. By performing the right yoga exercises that you need, you can achieve the exact benefits that you need yoga to bring in your life.
    5. Yoga involves the right mediation and thinking. Meditation will enable you to relax your mind and achieve the right thinking, de-stress and achieve inner peace but in order to do this, the right way to meditate should be practiced. In fact, meditation is a very essential yoga principle because it can bring about mental clarity and boost mental health.
    6. Yoga involves the right diet. Yoga also has something to do with being disciplined not only in mediation, relaxation and exercises but also when it comes to diet. To achieve good health in all aspects, the right diet should be applied while practicing yoga since food contributes a lot to physical and mental health. Depending on the food that you eat, you can relax your mind and successfully de-stress or add stress to your life. The right diet also means proper eating or creating a balance of nutrients that your body needs and eliminating excess. The right diet will make yoga more effective.
    7. Yoga involves the right attire and the right yoga mat. Relaxation and meditation as well as the benefits of yoga are not that easy to be achieved and therefore, it requires the right attire. You cannot practice yoga properly and comfortably if you are not wearing the right attire for that and your meditation may also be hampered if you are not using the right things such as the yoga mat. The attire and the yoga mat may hamper successful yoga exercises and meditation which is why yoga involves getting hold of the proper yoga mat and wearing the right yoga attire.
    8. Yoga involves daily life application. Yoga is not only an exercise, meditation and relaxation for that moment or period of practicing yoga. Yoga is something that you do in order to successfully apply its principles to your daily life. Yoga discipline can be applied in daily life so that you can relax, de-stress, concentrate, even if you are not actually doing yoga that instant.
    9. Yoga involves the “starting-where-you-are” principle. This means that yoga is not that exclusive. No matter what shape you are in physically, mentally or emotionally, you can start practicing yoga. Yoga can help you improve your condition or situation even if you are in a worst shape. For instance, even if you are depressed, stressed, happy, fat, thin, sickly, etc. you can start practicing yoga.
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