How to Select The Right Yoga Mat

How to Select The Right Yoga Mat
    Your yoga mat can also give or take comfort away while performing yoga so it is a must to select the right yoga mat. Here’s how:

    • Choose a thin and light yoga mat especially if you are on the go. Thin and light yoga mats are very convenient to carry especially if you are doing yoga somewhere.
    • Consider the size of the mat. Choose a mat that’s just the right size for you. If you are too huge than the standard-sized yoga mat, you might consider choosing a larger mat.
    • Consider its stickiness. This refers to how the yoga mat sticks to the floor. It is important that the yoga mat sticks well on the floor so that it won’t come loose during your yoga poses. However, it is also important to ensure that your yoga mat really sticks on the floor and not on your body and give discomfort and distraction every time you move.
    • Choose a mat that’s easy to clean. This will save you from inconvenience in case the mat gets stained as you can easily get it cleaned.
    • Consider its traction especially when it comes in contact with your perspiration. Choose a mat that reacts well with your perspiration and won’t become slippery. This can save you from accidents brought about by wet mats due to your perspiration.

    Essential Tips For Beginners

    Beginners must not only plunge into practicing yoga just because they want to. They must also consider some tips to ensure that yoga can be beneficial to their mind, body and soul instead of being a total destruction. Here are some of these helpful tips to abide by:
    • Know your purpose. Before you start yoga, make sure that you know why you are going to practice yoga. Are you going to practice yoga for stress-relief? Are you going to do yoga because you want to lose weight? Or are you going to practice yoga to relieve yourself from the pain you are experiencing and heal yourself from an illness? Knowing your purpose and sticking to that goal can help you be more motivated because when you are motivated, you would be able to achieve your yoga goal despite the many obstacles on the way.
    • Get acquainted and study the basic principles of yoga. This refers to carefully and thoroughly studying and meditating on the basic principles of yoga. This is so that you will know what yoga is all about and what you are to expect from this practice as well as what not to expect from it. When you know what to expect from yoga, you can avoid regrets in the end and can successfully pursue yoga and achieve your desired goals. In other words you can avoid misconceptions about yoga that could lead to disappointments.
    • Be willing to fix your diet. This means you should have the willingness to embrace the yoga diet no matter how boring you think it might be. Remember that your yoga practice works well with the right diet and so; you will need to make diet changes. Certain foods that you love to eat may not be advisable or recommended when doing yoga. Only if you have the willingness to change your diet into the healthy yoga diet can you ensure that you can achieve the benefits of yoga physically, mentally and spiritually.
    • Seek help from yoga experts or attend yoga classes. Just because you have decided to do yoga does not mean that it is okay to practice it on your own and without the assistance of yoga experts. While there may be yoga videos and courses you can enroll in, they are only recommended for those who are already practicing yoga and not for beginners. As a beginner, it pays when you get actual lessons and guidance since what you are seeing on TV may not be the exact way to perform a pose. Therefore, you need an actual expert to personally show you how to do a certain pose. Doing the wrong pose can affect the effects of yoga to your mind, body and soul and it may even cause accidents.
    • Prepare the things you need to start yoga. This refers to your yoga mat and your yoga attire. Make sure you are wellprepared before you actually start practicing yoga.
    • Practice. Practice makes perfect and so once you start practicing yoga already, you should also practice at home. Yoga is not as easy as you think it is especially considering that you need to master breathing, meditation and some poses. With this, you need to practice how to breathe properly during yoga, you need to practice how to meditate properly and be successful in your meditation as well as you also need to practice the poses in order for yoga to be effective.
    • Think positive. Positive thinking is one requirement for yoga practitioners and so as a beginner, if you want to start practicing yoga, you need to have positive thinking. You need to accept that you may commit mistakes during the process but you won’t let those mistakes stop you from trying again. There may be hardships on the way and the benefits of yoga may not be acquired easily. In fact, you may feel discouraged and think that yoga does not work. But if you think positive, it is not impossible for you to become a yoga master soon.

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