As you now know, there are a variety of factors that play into a successful beauty detox. Not only do you need to eliminate processed foods from your diet and limit your exposure to environmental toxins, but you may also need to make some changes to your everyday life. In this chapter, you will find ten beauty detox tips that sum up some of the most pertinent information you’ve already learned and that will help you transition into and stick with your beauty detox diet.
    1. Take a moment to truly think about the way you look and feel. Many people, though they are able to perform daily activities with few problems, feel as if they aren’t quite living up to their potential. If you feel like you could stand to have more energy or vitality, the beauty detox diet may be what you need. What makes the beauty detox diet unique is that it is a holistic program that doesn’t just target weight loss; it also promotes healthy digestion, elimination of toxins, and improved hair and skin health.
    2. After learning the dangers of daily toxins, you may find it beneficial to perform a review of your own diet and use of commercial products. Review the following list and check off the items you use on a regular basis. You may be surprised by how many potential sources of toxins you incorporate into your daily life.
    3. Having made it this far into the book, you may be feeling guilty about all of the bad habits you have accumulated over the years. Before you go any further with the beauty detox diet, you may find it helpful to take a moment to think about all the good health and beauty habits you have. Habits such as getting enough sleep, engaging in regular exercise, eating plenty of vegetables, and limiting your intake of high-fat foods will help you achieve success in the beauty detox diet.
    4. Remember, the recipes in this book are designed to help you transition into a cleaner, reduced-calorie diet. You will not find typical breakfast/lunch/dinner meal plans in this book. Instead, there are a variety of recipes that you can integrate into your meal repertoire to boost your beauty detox. Don’t be afraid to make alterations to the recipes so they better suit your tastes.
    5. The beauty detox diet is not a quick fix; it is a process designed to improve your overall health and wellness by cleansing your body of accumulated toxins. It took time for toxins to build up in your organs, muscles, and tissues, so you cannot expect to eliminate them immediately. Do not be discouraged if you aren’t seeing results as quickly as you would like or if you briefly lapse into old habits. Change is difficult, and you should not beat yourself up over mistakes. Simply realize that tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to stick to the beauty detox diet.
    6. Don’t be afraid to try out some of the additional detox tricks mentioned in this book. Many people are squeamish about the idea of going on a natural colon detox or having an enema, but these procedures can greatly boost the effects of your detox diet. The goal of the beauty detox diet is to cleanse your system, and these are simply another way to do that. If you still aren’t sure whether an enema might be a good choice for you, speak to your primary care physician about the procedure. Note that in some states, businesses that provide these services operate illegally. Research the laws in your area, and find a reputable professional if you choose to proceed.
    7. In modern Western cultures, many people spend their lives rushing from place to place, completing tasks as quickly as humanly possible. This rushed lifestyle may lead to a great deal of productivity, but it can also be extremely stressful. You may not realize it, but stress has an impact on your entire body. It can affect your sleep habits, your mood, and even the efficiency with which your body processes and absorbs nutrients. Learning to slow down and take a breath once in a while is an important part of the beauty detox diet.
    8. After a long, stressful day at work, you may often find yourself just wanting to relax and unwind once you get home. Unfortunately, your home may be a toxic environment that adds to your daily toxin load. To achieve the greatest benefit through your beauty detox diet, you should also detoxify your home and work environments. Start by opening the windows to let in some fresh air, and swap out commercial chemicals and cleaning products for “green” options. Keep your house clean by mopping and vacuuming at least once a week, and ensure proper ventilation in damp areas to prevent mold. Make an effort to reduce your use of plastic, and consider installing a water filter.
    9. One element of the beauty detox diet that people are apt to forget is exercise. While you do not need to run six miles every day or spend an hour in the gym every morning, incorporating some moderate exercise into your routine will greatly improve your detox benefits. Even simple motions like walking or stretching can increase blood circulation throughout your body and speed up your breathing. Both of these effects serve to flush toxins from the body more quickly. Proper blood flow to your organs and tissues will ensure that they efficiently filter toxins out of your blood and eliminate them from your body.
    10. Finally, don’t let other people drag you down. In a culture bursting with fad diets and slim-quick schemes, some people may not understand that the beauty detox diet is unique. If you are serious about cleansing your body and improving your overall health and beauty, make an effort to keep a positive attitude. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family so they can offer you the encouragement you need and share the joys of the success you deserve.

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